• Eggplant Parmigiana
  • Fried Green Tomatoes served with a tomato sauce

Napoli Villa

About us

Napoli Villa Italian Restaurant was founded by Guerino and Carmela Cento, immigrants from Southern Italy who came to Indianapolis with few possessions but an abundance of determination and patience to work hard to one day achieve their dream of opening a fine-dining Italian restaurant. In Italy, like all young Italian men, Guerino was required to serve in WWII. As a skilled, passionate chef, Guerino was quickly recognized for his talents and was praised for his culinary masterpieces by his fellow officers. With his experience as a military chef and the support of his family, Guerino’s dream finally came to life in America in 1960 when he started Napoli Villa Italian Restaurant. The family first opened its doors on S. East and McCarty Streets in Indianapolis, and then in 1962, Napoli Villa was relocated to Main Street in Beech Grove, Indiana. After many years in business, when he decided to retire in 1968, Guerino was pleased to hand down the restaurant to two of his children, Antoinette (Cento) Pizzi and John Cento, and by 1972, the restaurant expanded to its current size to accommodate increasing demand. Eventually, Antoinette became the sole owner of the restaurant, and over the past 30 years has grown the business along with her husband, Federico, into one of Indianapolis’ best locally-owned Italian restaurants.

To date, Napoli Villa Italian Restaurant is incorporating its third generation of operators through the involvement of the Pizzi children, Carmelina, Gino, and Paolo, in various aspects of the business. In 2010, the restaurant underwent extensive renovations spearheaded by Gino Pizzi. With improvements including stained concrete floors, hardwood floors, a wrought iron wine rack, and textured concrete walls, Napoli Villa Italian Restaurant is prepared to serve guests from around the world a one-of-a-kind experience. Today, Guerino’s original recipes can still be found on the menu including his signature spaghetti sauce, Lasagna Bolognese, meatballs, and famous Italian dressing. However, the vast selection of gourmet entrées can be accredited to Antoinette’s dedication and tasteful input over the last three decades. Under that same spirit, you will find more recent additions such as Pollo-Gino-Vase. Celebrating 50 years of business in our Beech Grove location, come visit one of the best, authentic, Indianapolis Italian restaurants and enjoy its rich history.